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We have a natural desire to control everything around us. But the future is always uncertain, it’s blurred. We are not able to predict what it will be like. It can be both an exciting and scary prospect. It is full of possibilities, which are out of our control. And unknown things cause our worry and anxiety quite naturally. We feel the pressure of doing something wrong, we lose control.
And instead of accepting the anxiety, we get scared of these feelings that squeeze our minds, we are in the grip of anxiety.
But once we give ourselves permission to identify and acknowledge the emotions that are coming up and let them be, we can then manage our anxious thoughts and make them more structured.
Then, we’re able to see things from a different perspective. Acknowledge what’s here, without attaching or clinging to any one thought or feeling.
And once we let ourselves embrace our feelings, the anxiety fades away leaving us alone.
But still, it seems that there always will be a shade of unknown.

Creative Director / Floral Designer: Daria Bokova 
Photography: Alexander Kaunas 
Makeup&Hair: Cristina B.
Model: Yana

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